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The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing
Here's How You Can Retire Rich & Retire Early With Real Estate Investing By Following The Step-By-Step Blueprint I've Used To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio From Zero
"Hands Down The Best Course For Investing In Real Estate...
Mark is very helpful and quick to reply to any emails I have sent. I have been to several of the so called “guru” investing courses and they don’t even come close to the value that this course offers, and its at a fraction of the price." 
- Brice Burkhardt 
Thousands of books and courses have been written about real estate… 

How to buy it, sell it, rent it, flip it… and become rich. 

The problem is… 

Most of the time, the guy teaching it simply got lucky… investing into a hot market… getting an inside deal… or starting with so much capital the average person could never hope to repeat the results. 

Or worst of all, they flip one house in their 30’s, then get rich “teaching” their “process” to others. Usually at $10,000 seminars.

Honestly, I’ve always been wary of these “gurus.” And, as an active investor, I prefer to get my information from people who’re immersed in real estate every single day. 

Which is why, when I started investing many years ago, I spent countless hours in deep research. 

Searching for the strategies that’d been proven to work for years. Analyzing and carefully evaluating all the various ways an average guy like me could generate massive wealth through real estate. 

I took the best investing information… 

... tried it and tested it in the real world with my own hard-earned cash. 

Anything that didn’t work got discarded. Anything that showed potential was kept. 

Since then, building upon these principles I've created total financial security,  independence and live a life I could only have dreamed of a few years ago.
  •  My rental properties pay me a monthly income of $10,000+
  •  Last year, I flipped 26 houses for an average of $32,000 per flip.
Best of all, I was able to build an multi-million dollar portfolio relatively quickly in one of America’s toughest real estate markets. 

But these strategies didn't just work for me. 

You see, I’ve now shared my strategies with over 100 others investors, like Craig who said: 
"Mark, your generosity in sharing your knowledge is, I think, the most valuable contribution you could make to people. 
I enrolled in a real estate licensing course. Thanks for sharing all you do. Over the years, I’ve bought many courses. Usually, in my opinion, there is little value and high cost. You are a stark difference. While I’m older now, I hope to encourage my kids, ages 22 and 20 to start sooner and smarter.
Or, Morgan Brabbs who told me: 
"Big HUGE thanks for your books and mentorship! 
I was trying to land this property for 6 months and kept loosing in multiple offer situations. However the contracts kept falling apart and the house kept on resurfacing on the market. Finally on my 4th offer attempt, I followed 100% of your chapter on how to win multiple offer situations and finally walked away with the win! Less than 8 months ago I had one rental property, and now I have three properties increasing my passive income by over $30K per year. Couldn't of done it without you!!! Thank you!"
And, I'm confident these strategies will work for you too


Because through years of trial and error, coaching 100+ students and being immersed in the markets every single day, I've discovered success in real estate investing comes down to just one thing: 

Focusing on a handful of fundamental principles! 
Principles I Want To Share With You Today
First, let me briefly introduce myself… 

Hi, I’m Mark Ferguson. 
Principles I Want To Share With You Today
I’m an active investor, bestselling author, and founder of the “Invest Four More” blog. 

You may have seen my investing strategies featured on: Forbes, Zillow, The Washington Post or Money Magazine. 

And, if you want to retire rich, early and with total financial security… what I’m about to share with you could change your life forever. 
But first, let me quickly introduce myself. 

Hi, I’m Mark Ferguson. 

I’m an active investor, bestselling author, and founder of the “Invest Four More” blog. 

You may have seen my real estate investing strategies featured on: Forbes, Zillow, The Washington Post or Money Magazine. 

And, if you want to retire rich, early and with total financial security… what I’m about to share with you could change your life forever. 
Bold Promise, I Know. 
Here’s Why I’m Confident Making It...
Recently, I put my entire investing approach into a step-by-step system called:

"The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing”

And, for a very limited-time, I'm inviting a limited number of investors to get access at a huge 50% discount... but that's not all... because, you'll also be getting my personal mentorship. 

You'll get everything I've learned investing in 18 rentals, fixing and flipping over 100 properties, and building a 7-figure real estate portfolio from nothing. 

You’ll be shown step-by-step system how to earn thousands of dollars in passive monthly income through rentals… plus... how to create quick cash-flow windfalls through Fix & Flips...
  •  ... even if you’re starting without much capital.
  •  …even if you’re busy working a full-time job.
  •  …even if your bank won’t lend you money. 
  •  …even if you’re in a “bad market.” 
Best of all, the blueprint was specifically designed for both:
  •  Seasoned-pros who want to grow their portfolio and maximize returns. 
  •   Real estate beginners who need helping buying their first property.
You see, my approach to real estate investing is based on one fundamental strategy. A strategy which simultaneously… 
Maximizes Your Profits And Cash Flow While Reducing Risk And Upfront Costs
Maximizes Your Profits And Cash Flow 
While Reducing Risk And Upfront Costs
And, if you follow this strategy, you can retire rich and early through real estate - without the risk of being... 
  •  Crippling debt and ever-mounting repayments after miscalculating your expenses and cash-flow projections. 
  •  Your savings being sucked dry after buying the wrong property in the wrong neighbourhood that you struggle to sell or find trustworthy tenants for. 
  •  Taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors, property managers and real estate agents who all have their own hidden agendas. 
  •  “Locked out” by the banks who refuse to lend you more money or negotiate on loan terms due to your high debt to income ratios, low debt coverage ratios and poor cash flow. 
  •  Unprotected from market booms and busts! Risking the collapse of your net worth from unforeseen and unpredictable trends. 
However, by following a simple, proven blueprint for successful investing you can
Build A Secure Real Estate Portfolio
A portfolio that pays you passive income for life, provides you with total financial freedom and generates excess cash you can reinvest. 

Now, let me show you some real-world numbers so you can see the types of deals you'll learn how to put together inside The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing: 
    Here's Rental Property #8:
    Bought For $97,500 In 2013.
    Currently Appraised For $230,000. 
    Profitably Renting For $1,600/Month Today.
    Here's Rental Property #13:
    Bought For $133,000 In 2015.
    Appraised For $200,000 One Year Later. 
    Profitably Renting For $1,600/Month Today.
    Imagine doing just 1 or 2 of these deals per year…

    Do you see how quickly your income compounds? Taking you from $1,000/month to $3,000/month to $10,000/month and beyond.

    Best of all, because you'll be learning how to invest in cash-flow positive properties you can quickly scale your portfolio without excess debt
    The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing
    The step-by-step system showing you how to buy properties below market value, maximize your returns and earn thousands of dollars in passive income… 

    ... while building real, long-term and secure wealth.

    Whether you’re new to investing… or… you’re a seasoned-pro The Complete Blueprint is a carefully designed program you can use to accelerate your results, increase your income and scale your real estate business. 

    You’ll get the time-tested and proven 11 step process walking you through every single strategy I’ve used to buy and sell more than 100 houses, earn $10,000 per month in passive income and build a multi-million dollar portfolio.

    Everything is laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow process with specific action plans telling you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. 

    Plus, if you ever feel overwhelmed you'll have my personal email address you can use to get direct coaching, mentoring and feedback. 
    Here’s Just A Fraction of What You’ll Discover Inside: 
    • How to find and buy real estate below market value - even in the most competitive areas of the country! (You’ll get 8 proven strategies for uncovering the "hidden gems" other investors don't know how to spot). 
    •  The ONE type of property you must avoid like the plague! Buying this skyrockets your risk, eats up your potential profits, and kill your chances of success before you're started. 
    •  How to buy your first property - even if you don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank. 
    •  Why Cash Flow Is King - Discover how to plan your investments so you’re almost instantly cash-flow positive on every property you buy
    •  Worried about the market dropping? Here’s how to build a fully protected portfolio! (In fact, following this system, you’ll be able to profit from down-swings while other investors are watching their net-worth collapse).
    •  Insider Insights About Real Estate Agents...
      Discover what your agent doesn’t want you to know, what they’re keeping hidden from you… and… how you can get the truth without ruining the relationship.  
    •  “The Waterfall Effect”
      Use this counter-intuitive strategy to buy more properties in less time, dramatically slash your interest repayments and quickly compound your monthly income. 
    •  Fool-Proof Real Estate Investing Formulas you can use to confidently calculate your ROI, monthly cash-flow and expected expenses with pinpoint accuracy! 
    •  11 strategies for evaluating towns, suburbs and cities so you never risk buying into “bad neighbourhood!”  
    •  How to avoid being “burned” by low-quality contractors who overcharge, under-deliver and miss critical deadlines (Using this one little-known technique you'll be able to protect yourself, your property and your savings). 
    •  The “Rule of Six” for securing your investments and eliminating the risk of unexpected expenses eating up all your cash. 
    •  An insider secret for saving tens of thousands of dollars in commissions! If you’re going to buy more than 2 properties, this one strategy could easily save you $7,000 per year.
    •  How to sell real estate without paying taxes - 100% legally!
    •  Dozens of Investment Case Studies: You’ll see how I personally evaluate both rentals and “flips”. You'll see the precise numbers, calculations and decisions behind my real estate investments.
    •  Hiring a property manager? Use this 4-step “discovery” process to find a rockstar manager who actually values your tenants, properties and investments. 
    •  The 7-Figure Blueprint - The exact blueprint for earning $1,000,000 through real estate! (You’ll get the precise math, timeline and step-by-step plan on how to build your own 7-figure portfolio). 
    •  Why you should never do repairs yourself! You’ll see the hidden cost of being “Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish.” 
    •  Advanced financing strategies for pro-investors who’re ready to buy more properties, maximize their returns and quickly scale their portfolio. 
    •  Want to LEGALLY Pay Less in Taxes? Discover how to keep more of your money with several tax strategies exclusively available to real estate investors. 
    •  Wholesaling… multi-unit… single-family… commercial… fix & flips? You’ll get a detailed analysis of each so you can decide which investment is best for you. 
    And much, much more. 
    Here's What Others Are Saying About Mark Ferguson & The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing... 
    Hands down the best course for real estate investing. Mark is very helpful and quick to reply to any emails I have sent. 

    I have been to several of the so called “guru” investing courses and they don’t even come close to the value that this course offers, and its at a fraction of the price."
    Brice Burkhardt 
    This is a solid product that helps you build the foundation for your real estate investing business and beyond. Besides the course, I found the conference calls and the email support from Mark to be the real value for me. I was able to learn a lot about investing as well as improving my mindset and goal settings. Thank you Mark!
    Mohammad Hashmi
    You are AMAZING Mark! Thank you for so generously sharing your experience & suggestions for those of us who are uncertain about what to do next. 

    I have much more confidence about moving forward while "Pre-MF" there were so many questions unanswered I felt immobilized & feared making any moves. Thank you thank you!!!
    So far, the information in the Blueprint has been really helpful!!  There are plenty of new ideas I have not thought about before so it is really helpful and I really enjoy the content."
    David Yancono
    Big HUGE thanks for your books and mentorship! I was trying to land this property for 6 months and kept loosing in multiple offer situations. However the contracts kept falling apart and the house kept on resurfacing on the market. 

    Finally on my 4th offer attempt, I followed 100% of your chapter on how to win multiple offer situations and finally walked away with the win! Less than 8 months ago I had one rental property, and now I have three properties increasing my passive income by over $30K per year. Couldn't of done it without you!!! Thank you!
    Morgan Brabbs
    I have been reading Mark's blog postings for a while now, and think he's a straight-shooter. No promises of overnight riches, just tips to use so you can succeed with money and time.

    I have learned some great strategies from this program and plan to try them out as soon as
    Here’s What Else You’ll Get Inside:

    Ride-Along Video Trainings For Each Section

    Prefer video? The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing now comes with a ride-along video course.  In these short, action-focused videos I’ll provide bonus training on each of the 11 sections inside the guide. 
    -- VALUE: $500.00 

    Live Group Coaching Calls 

    2x per month you’ll be invited to join a group coaching call where you can get my direct coaching. Whether you're stuck and need a solution, need help analyzing a deal or anything else, on these calls I'll be your guide through the tricky waters of real estate. 

    Plus, every call is recorded and uploaded to the private members website so you don't have to worry about missing a call. 

    -- VALUE: $2,400.00 

    Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis

    Via email, you'll get my personal analysis of deals you're considering. I'll help you critique the opportunity, calculate the cash-flow and even advise you on how to finance the property. 
    -- VALUE: $1,200.00 
    Plus Over $3,700.00 of FREE Bonuses

    6 Months of Personal Email Coaching

    Along with the group coaching calls, you'll also get my personal email address.  Whenever you're struggling, simply drop me an email and I’ll personally help you through any challenges you're facing. 
    -- VALUE: $2,500.00 

    Lifetime Access to The Investors Community

    You'll get ushered into a private community packed with 100+ investors from all across the country.  

    This is where you'll discover the latest strategies, see how others are running their businesses, uncover new opportunities and build valuable relationships with other investors.  
    -- VALUE: $500.00 

    The “Fix & Flip” Training System 

    In 2017 I flipped 26 houses for an average profit of $32,000 per flip. 

    Inside The “Fix & Flip” Training System you'll get the exact process I use to quickly flip properties for big profits.  You’ll discover how to find off-market, undervalued investments... how to budget your repairs... how to calculate profits before you invest… how to manage your flips… and much, much more. 

    Usually, this course sells for $497.00... however, you’ll get it FREE today.  

    200 Minutes of Bonus Audio Training Plus A 3-Year Library of Previous Coaching Calls 

    When you're driving for dollars, stuck in traffic, or simply relaxing in your home, you'll have over 3 hours of bonus audio training.  In these short audio recordings you'll get strategies, insights and techniques for generating more cash-flow, successfully running your business and buying more properties. 
    -- VALUE: $200.00 

    The Real Estate Goal Setting Guide

    You probably already know the importance of goal setting. Well, over the years I’ve developed a Real Estate specific goal setting guide that I want you to have. This simple goal setting guide will help you set and achieve your real estate income goals. 
    -- VALUE: $20.00 
    Digital Copies of My 4 Bestselling Books
    Combined, everything inside The Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing has a real-world value of $9,000.00. 

    And usually the entire Blueprints costs $977.00.  

    However, today you can get everything for… 
    A Special HUGE Discount 
    Plus - $3,700.00 In Free Bonus Gifts!
    Which means, when you join The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing today, you'll instantly get: 
    • The 300-Page Investing Blueprint shipped straight to your door.
      (Plus, access to the entire system online via a private membership site)
    • Video Training Course expanding on every lesson inside the blueprint. 
    • Deep-Dive Audio Recordings revealing new investment strategies. 
    • Group Coaching Calls, 1-1 email coaching and investment deal analysis. 
    • 9 Bonus Gifts valued at $3,700.00 
    For just a fraction of what others have invested. 

    You see, for a very-limited time I'm slashing your investment by $500.00 (an 50% discount) and giving you lifetime access for just one small payment of $497. 

    All you've got to do is click the big blue button below. 
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    This special 50%-discount is only available to 50 investors today.

    After that, the price will jump back to $977.00 and you'll have lost your only opportunity to save $500 on The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing. 

    Why only 50? Well, considering how much of my personal time is involved in the blueprint. I need to put a strict limit on how many people I work with at any one time so I only let a maximum of 50 people join per day.

    Remember, you'll be getting: 
    • 1-1 Email Coaching 
    •  Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis
    And if I attempt to do all of that (plus run my own business), I'd quickly get overwhelmed and be unable to give you the dedicated, personalized focus you deserve. 

    So, if you want to retire rich, retire early and build true wealth through real estate... and... you want my personal mentorship - click the button below right now to take advantage of this special one-time-only offer... 
    Complete the form on the next page and I’ll rush ship The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing to your door. 

    Plus, while you’re waiting on the program arriving in the mail, you’ll get immediate access to the private members-only website and communityThis online portal gives you digital access to everything so you can dive into the investing strategies straight away.

    You'll secure a $500 discount... $3,700 in free bonus gifts... and get lifetime access to The Complete Blueprint plus the private members community and website. 

    I look forward to helping you achieve all your financial dreams. 

    Mark Ferguson 
    P.S. Just so you know... 

    If you secure 1 of the 50 available spots today, take advantage of the 50% discount, get access to The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing (plus the bonus coaching and training)... 

    ... and you don't think it's worth every single penny you invested, I’ll refund you 100%! That's right, your decision today is protected by my...
    Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee
    So click the button below now to take advantage of this special offer before it's too late:
    Got Questions About The Blueprint?
    Here’s the answers to the most commonly asked questions I get about real estate investing and The Complete Blueprint program:
    What If I’m New to Real Estate? 
    The Blueprint was specifically designed for both experienced investors and complete beginners. Inside you'll find everything laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow system with specific action steps that eliminate any overwhelm or confusion. 
    If I Use a Property Manager, Won’t They Eat Up All My Profits?
    Only if you buy the wrong properties. 

    You see, the biggest mistake investors make is miscalculating their cash flow and investing in the wrong properties. If you do this, you’ll find it almost impossible to be cash flow positive.  

    However, inside The Blueprint you'll learn how to expertly analyze deals so you only ever buy properties that'll EARN you money. 
    My Friend Lost Money In Rentals... Is This A Bad Investment? 
    I’ve had conversations with 100’s of investors, the ones who are successful follow the very same principles I teach in the blue print - heck that’s how I learned some of these strategies that I’m sharing with you. 

    The ones that lose a ton of money do things like, buy properties that don’t cash flow because they think the market is going to appreciate. Use their “gut” to screen tenants. Let bad tenants string them along for months without paying their rent. Or they simply never visit their properties and do the required preventative maintenance that all homes need. 

    What If The Banks Won’t Lend Me Money? 
    It's possible, but inside you'll discover creative ways to finance properties and find lenders who are investor friendly. Plus, you’ll learn how to position yourself so the banks actually want to lend you money. 
    Aren’t Rental Properties a Pain to Manage?
    For most people, yes. However, inside the blueprint you’ll discover how to make management effortless. You see, I personally don’t have time to deal with bad tenants, repair work or any other complexities - and I know you don’t either. 

    So, you’ll get my best strategies for managing your properties with minimal effort. And, if you want to use a property manager - I’ll walk you through an exact process for finding, vetting and hiring an amazing manager.
    What if Tenants Trash My House & Cost Me Thousands?
    Most horror stories come from landlords who don’t check their properties for years. 

    Follow the step-by-step instructions inside The Blueprint and I’ll show you how to find great, long-term tenants who take care of your property as if it was theirs. 
    What If I Can't Find Cash Flowing Rentals In My Area?
    If you know what to look for and how to look, you will always find great properties - even in the toughest markets. 

    Inside The Blueprint you'll get dozens of strategies for finding the undervalued properties most investors don’t know exist. 
    What If Buy The Wrong Property?
    Simply put: Follow the steps you get inside and you'll easily avoid the mistakes that bankrupt investors and put their properties into foreclosure. 

    But that's not all, following my system you'll be able to accurately calculate cash flow, purchase price, down payments and repayment plans so you can confidently invest into real estate that's protected from market downturns or unexpected expenses. 
    Do I Have to Be A Real Estate Agent to Get Good Deals?
    Absolute not.  You’ll see how to use local agents to help you find amazing deals and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

    Plus, you'll discover how to secretly evaluate an agent to uncover whether or not they'll put your interests first! 
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